A week in the life of a book keeper

Good morning and welcome to our Halo Accounting blog for this week.

It’s been a busy and interesting week, we have just completed a year end for a local removals firm, Safe and Sound.  The feedback we received from them was so positive that we were almost embarrassed by the compliments! They felt we were incredible value for money and that we had gone above and beyond the call of duty in some tasks, they were delighted with all the easy to read reports we supplied and were able to recognise where there might be issues within the finances of their business from the reports.  There’s definitely no better feeling than knowing you’ve done something well and made someone happy.

Then we moved onto our payroll contract at Penwith Community Development Trust. We go into their offices once a month and process the payroll for approx 250 employees spread over 7 different agencies. It’s a challenging payroll but we like a challenge and enjoy the sense of accomplishment each time it’s completed.

Once that was complete we then needed to visit our Dorset office in Poole.  The journey was very easy as the roads were pretty clear of traffic.  We have been invited to a Charity event in aid of The British Heart Foundation on 16th February at The TA Centre in Dorchester to raise money for the vital research the charity helps to provide into heart disease etc.  The cause is very dear to the organiser, Holly Parkin, who has an inspiring tale of recovery herself and now devotes a lot of time and energy into raising money for these charity’s.  It’s a big band night, and we love music so we will definitely be attending the event.

We returned from Dorset yesterday, the journey back wasn’t so great, it took 5 hours due to snow and accidents! Luckily The Halomobile coped admirably and we arrived back in Penzance safe and sound.

So here we are today! Other than sitting here and writing this blog, we will be doing some financial reports for AJ’s Eats and Treats  and a lot of data entry and calculating for New Tech in Penzance, plus some HMRC and PAYE work.

If you’ve enjoyed our little blog and would like to know more about any of our services, or if you would just like a little bit of advice on anything financial, we are always happy to help, our office hours are 8am to 10pm. For details on how to contact us please visit our website, our facebook page, or follow us on twitter.

Thank you for reading, we’ll update again soon!

The Halo Team

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This is the Halo Accounting blog.  Please take a look to find out what we do.  Our pricing is tailored to business needs and budgets so isn’t included on the site information, we are very happy to give an estimate over the phone and then a full quote once we’ve analysed what needs to be done.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call! All Consultations, communications, correspondence and quotations are free of charge.

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